Banks Hunting Blinds

Stay comfortable in any weather with the Stump 1 hunting blind. Designed to accommodate the gun hunter, the Stump 1 is equipped with four windows for 360-degree views and a large walk through door to easily enter/exit the one man deer hunting blind. The rigid heavy-duty steel-plate base of this box blind allows for easy […]

The Stump 2 is the perfect 2-man hunting blind with a walk-in door that swings out to leave the optimal amount of space within the blind and easy entry for hunters of any age. Like our larger blinds, it has a 360- degree view with windows on every side of the deer hunting blind. Features: […]

You asked for it, and we delivered. We took the bench seating out of the Stump 3 hunting blind to cater to hunters who want a more open box blind. This deer hunting tower blind is equipped with the same vertical window design and same door system as our original Stump 3. Enjoy 360 views […]

The Stump 4 is not a regular old box blind. It is the only true 360° archery blind on the market. This large deer hunting blind is designed to accommodate the outfitter, landowner and hunter with more than 30 sq. ft. of room inside. When you own a big deer hunting blind with this much […]

The Whitetail Properties Pro Hunter hunting blind sets the standard for comfort and usability among deer hunting blinds. Hunt with your buddies, kids and family or film hunts while focusing more on getting your buck thanks to it’s roomy, comfortable and functional interior. Available models include The Stump 3 and The Stump 4. Features Round […]